I teach at Evans Community Adult School in Los Angeles, a wonderful microcosm of the world of adult ESL. Evans is the largest public ESL school for adults in the USA (average weekly enrollment of 10,000). We have students from over 80 countries, ages 18-88. For thirty years I have been teaching these immigrants, foreign visa students and tourists. With semi-literate farmers, doctors and lawyers, teen-agers, and senior citizens in the same class it has been challenging to say the least.


  I couldn't find any texts to stimulate and realistically address the problems of my students to learn practical English and American culture as quickly and painlessly as possible. I started writing my own lessons, many suggested by the students. The lessons worked so well, they have now become text books.

  The purpose of this web site is to acquaint you with my texts, theories, practical applications and books. Please enjoy browsing and then e-mail me, feeling free to pick my brain as to any helpful tips I can give you or any helpful tips you can give me.

1. Life in the USA: An Immigrant's Guide to Understanding Americans ISBN 978-0-472-03304-1 $21.95 University of Michigan Press

2. Achieving Competency in English: A Life Skills Approach, Second Edition ISBN 0-472-0304204 $23.95 University of Michigan Press 

3. Open Sesame: Understanding American English and Culture Through Folktales and Stories ISBN 0-472-08388-0 $16.95 (Cassettes available) University of Michigan Press 

4. Eureka!: Discovering American English and Culture Through Proverbs, Fables, Myths and Legends ISBN 0-472-08547-6 $17.95 (Cassettes available) University of Michigan Press 

5. Realistically Speaking: a Practical Approach to the Basic Sounds and Rhythms of American English $19.95 (Video and DVD available) ISBN 0-9766077-0-0.


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